About Us

Blue Water Wash specializes in industrial-strength cleaning for livestock trailers. Our wash bay professionals are trained to clean and sanitize anything on wheels including trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, RVs, large commercial vehicles and more.

With two locations in Manitoba and another in Alberta, Blue Water Wash is dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best experience – whether you use our facilities to wash it yourself or have our experts wash it for you.


In 1995, Steve’s Livestock Transport built its first truck washing facilities after recognizing that improved biosecurity – including the thorough washing and sanitizing of transportation equipment – was becoming increasingly necessary to the hog industry.

Today, Blue Water Wash operates three locations with a total of 20 wash bays. Recently, our company made an investment to expand and improve biosecurity measures at our truck washing facilities. This included introducing undercarriage washing and Canada’s first industrial-strength baking bays for livestock trailers.

Blue Water Wash